Progress of our application

On 17th February 2021 NHS England announced that while it was refusing the application for a pharmacy at Heyford Park it would allow an appeal if made within 30 days.

Minerva Clinical Services lodged its appeal within that timeframe and heard on 8th June 2021 that the NHS Committee considering the application now intends to make a site visit to Heyford Park in July and that the appeal will then be determined by an oral hearing to take place online in early September 2021.

We would like to thank everyone who has written in to express their formal support, this includes councillors, parish councils, other organisations and residents of Heyford Park and surrounding areas. Your letters were submitted to the NHS as part of the appeal process that has now led to these latest developments and we expect to be able to invite some of those who have written in to appear and speak at the appeal hearing. We naturally hope that the appeal can be successful and that the pharmacy can still be approved to open at Heyford Park.

If you would like to read why the NHS Committee initially refused the application then please click here

We’ll update you with more news whenever we can.